Business and Carrier

  Deciding the nature of your business or source of income is a tough job for any astrologer. Choosing a profession between a job and business is an important decision to be made in life. With this being said, recent studies have shown that the economy has changed the prospects of a career rapidly.

  New developments have created new openings for the young and energetic employed youth. The idea of conventional professionals has become outdated. Despite this statement, the recent opportunities have come with several problems and professional worries have grown to be a matter of anxiety.

  Apart from the above mentioned, there are careers and business one can choose based on their zodiac sign. Some of the careers one can choose are:

Cancer:   Cancers make ideal childcare workers, nannies, social workers, human resource employees, lawyers, teachers and executives.

Scorpio:   You can be a surgeon or a secret agent. You will be the best resource management and logistics and would make the best outstanding chief financial officer.

Aries:   You can choose anything with competition or physicality. You can be a personal trainer, or working for a sports company. You can even be a CEO, if you like being in control.

Taurus:   One of the most hardworking signs, you will success in an atmosphere that offers tenacity and dedication. Jobs like arranging flowers, food industry or sales. You can even choose a career in banking and finance.

Gemini:   Anything that needs relaying information and keeping several topics is the perfect career path for Gemini, so teaching and communications is the ideal job for you. You are active and love to take in a lot of various aspects of a project, so being a go between of sorts works well- like PR or project manager.

Leo:   Teaching and Politics is the best fit for you, while things the entertaining industry like acting, music, movie work or costume design can arouse your interest. You can be a magnetic leader, CEO or even directors.

Virgos:   Virgos have the perfect memory which means they can deal with a lot of information and can deal with emotions well. They will do well in the service and care industries like running a shop, working the front desk and can do well with research or stats. They will also be the best editor, technician, translator or detective.

Libra:   Justice and Law Enforcement are the perfect fit for you. You are a people pleaser, so working for others happiness is important for you- so you can choose a job as a travel agent, customer care executive, wedding planner or diplomat.

Capricorn:   You run a tight ship and so you can be a manager or administrator for various companies. You’re administrative and production skills are the best and will work best in a corporate environment with set hierarchies that let you get the next rung on the ladder. You will be the best engineers, architects and designers.

Aquarius:   You can explore new ways of doing something new in areas like graphic design, or photography and project management. You can be the perfect entrepreneur or contractor. You will work best in your own schedule.

Sagittarius:   You like to travel ad learn from others in every part of the world, so you will be perfect for the traveling industry, so think consulting or tourism. As you like inspiring others, you will be the perfect teacher, youth program leader or working for a non- profit.

Pisces:   You will be best in the healthcare industry. You can either be a doctor, therapist and psychologist. You would do well in the arts like dance and music.